Career Development

Company sales staff career development follows the three models, one is the sales volume growth model, the second is incentive pay growth model, three are professional growth model, the other post series staff also follow a similar career growth model of development.


A、Sales Growth Model

1、A salesman since entering the company used sales growth model;

2、Good sales for three consecutive months excess can apply for a special promotion for achieving goals;

3、Can't advance in regular order, allow retention at the original level for three months, after the expiration of still can not meet the qualification criteria, according to the situation to decide whether to resign by the company.


B、Incentive Pay Growth Model

1、When the salesman to the highest level of sales of corresponding incentive pay standards, incentive compensation standard (basic salary) is no longer increasing, but still enjoy the performance fee.

2、Sales at high level enjoy post subsidies, subsidies standards for 500 yuan/month, 3000 yuan/month, your post subsidy to participate in assessment.

3、Perform month to calculate since full calendar month (up and down).


C、Professional Growth Model

Career plateau of personnel is the company's sales team leader, regional manager, professional manager candidates for reserve. Company encourages the business grow by leaps and bounds.